Trash is King

by Supermissive

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"Trash is King," Supermissive's debut full-length, explores the violent and oppressive confines of life in a settler-colonial state. Supported by heavy, psychedelic, and progressive instrumentation, "Trash is King" explores issues such as the oppression of indigenous peoples, the white supremacy and patriarchy, environmental neglect and destruction, mindlessness, and privilege.

Flowing continuously throughout the majority of the album, "Trash is King" was written as 4 larger acts and eventually split into 11 tracks.


released November 10, 2018

Joshua Grandbouche: drums and auxiliary percussion on tracks 2-7, 9-11

The Pit: vocals on tracks 2-7, 9-11, spoken word on tracks 1,8, electric bass on tracks 2-7, 9-11, guitar on track 9

Kris Breckon: electric guitar on tracks 2-7, 9-11

Samuel Wesner: vocals on tracks 2-7, 9-11, electric guitar on tracks 1-11, organ on tracks 2-4, 6, 9, 11, synthesizer on tracks 5, 7, 10, 11, keys on tracks 3, 6, 10, 11

Lyrics by The Pit on tracks 2-7, 11
Lyrics by Joshua Grandbouche on tracks 9-10
Lyrics by Samuel Wesner on track 11
Spoken word by The Pit on tracks 1,8

Produced by Samuel Wesner
Engineered by Will Clawson, Samuel Wesner, and Kris Breckon

Recorded at Champion Street Sound Studios, Studio A in Bellingham, Washington by Will Clawson
Additional recording by Nate Kahn, Kris Breckon, Samuel Wesner, Joshua Grandbouche, and The Pit at Champion Street Sound Studios, Studios A and B, in Bellingham, Washington

Mixed and mastered by Samuel Wesner (

Artwork by Keara Deer

All songs written by Supermissive


all rights reserved



Supermissive Bellingham, Washington


Supermissive is the creative effort of five individuals fusing elements of psychedelic rock and heavy metal into progressive and conceptual music about space, time, justice, injustice, life, and death.

William Luckensmeyer: vocals, drums

Aaron Kawaguchi:

The Pit:
vocals, bass

Kris Breckon:

Samuel Wesner:
vocals, guitar
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Track Name: Welcome
Commander of Hierarchical Preservation
Premier of Fear And All That is Unholy
Archbishop of Archaic Endeavours
Minister of Divisive Civilization
President of Pussy Grabbing And Patriarchal Domination
Ambassador of Greed And Exploitation
All gathered notables:

We have gathered here today to say we do not stand for what you stand for
While today we are here in peace, tomorrow may not be the same
For a long time we have been slouched in the cracks of the shallows
Shrouded by shadows in gallows, enslaved by lives you’ve imposed
Lives like batteries: toxicly disposed

We stand here teeth chattering, obviously battered by lives under your chattel
Today your reign has come to an end
Harrowing days lived in disdain of others gaze all blazed and branded
By you the few who’ve banned to place yourselves above the people

We’ve had enough.
Track Name: Fluorescent Lights
No feelings under fluorescent lights

What a beautiful place to build a pipeline
This land is not mine, but that’s just fine.
What a beautiful place to cut down trees
Soon we’ll have you on your knees, doing whatever we please
What a beautiful place to steal water
Why do you think they're drilling under the water?

No feelings under fluorescent lights

Peace, or the absence at least
Is this depression?
Empty has no discretion
But I’m filled with violent hums, walking aisles of blur-lined boredom
Do you know companies pay more to have their products on the middle shelf?
Pennies fill every crack, every inch of myself

No feelings under fluorescent lights
Track Name: Sacred Mountains
Destroy sacred mountains - make them look like white men
Harbingers of destruction, death, slavery, and abduction
And your god’s got a huge cock
Yet from it everything came?
But you're using his name in vain
Every time a culture is slain
For you to pave the way to heaven’s pearly gates
While leaving millions in your wake
“Just savage dogs lying in their own waste”

No feelings under fluorescent lights
Track Name: Millions of Red Skulls
Sanded till you're round
Chiseled, scraped, and ground
No sense of self can be found
Just pests in our towns
Built on stolen grounds by hoodwinked and herded crowds
Homes built on red skulls
History has holes
Question everything you’re told
Good books don’t get published
Just tossed in the rubbish and picked up by some gutter punk

Slouched in some shit bins, wasting everything
Telling me that trash is king
But kings, I don’t trust, and queens are worthless
Civilized life’s dead to me
So stop saying thank you for things that I do
Get off your ass and fight too
For humankind is doomed
There’s nothing to do; fuck it! There’s nothing to lose!
Track Name: Compost Bomb
No feeling under fluorescent lights

We are all eternal
May stop us now
We are all eternal
Compost bomb breakdown

We are all eternal
May stop us now
We are all eternal
Lordship will breakdown
Track Name: Necessary Evil?
We become enslaved
From the day we’re made
Forced to gain a wage
To participate

In colonial states
“Civilized” mistakes
Are digging our graves
Now our future’s played

That means it’s erased
Not part of the frame
And we’re all to blame
Hot heads burst to flames

We must all act now
Leave behind the crowds
Force ourselves to fathom
A future we’re proud of

If states are a necessary evil
Why is evil necessary?

Taught to stay
Sit and wait
Accept Fate
Trust is waste
When it’s placed
On a face
Made from disgrace

What is paranoia?
Track Name: Enslaved
We’ve become enslaved
Track Name: Surfaces
The birthen rhythm
Forbidden within them
Within you
Misused by you for more than two purposes
Twenty-two, forty-four
Induced worthlessness
Like porpoises trapped beneath unbreachable surfaces
Superfluous like the raps that are in vogue
Coke that cracks the inside of your nose
Freedom of speech for racist homophobes
And socializing only through phone
Track Name: Cuyahoga Sunburn
Sing along to the throes of a dying world
Cuyahoga! Cuyahoga! Cuyahoga sunburn!
If you don’t get louder they won’t hear a word
Cuyahoga! Cuyahoga! Cuyahoga sunburn

We’ve taken ice picks to the Arctic snow
Siphoning Earth’s last breath through charcoal straws
Fucking the water like Flint and Woburn
Giving ourselves a Cuyahoga sunburn
Raise a tent in the badlands
Raise a fist in the street
If you’re wondering what comes next
Feel the ground shake beneath

Sing along to the throes of a dying world
Cuyahoga! Cuyahoga! Cuyahoga sunburn!
If you don’t get louder they won’t hear a word
Cuyahoga! Cuyahoga! Cuyahoga sunburn
Track Name: Burnout
Miami is the new Atlantis
Up in their board rooms they fucking planned this

Karma comes down
Acid rain will burn us out
Silence screams “no!”
The Earth will inherit peace
Silent tongues scream “no!”
The Earth will inherit peace
Track Name: Mindless
A piece of it stays with me all year round
This remedy, it's constantly weighing me down
And all I’ve seen is river-bound
Not all put in the ground

And all I feel is so profound
For all, our minds must be sound

They want us to
Sip from their spoon
While we swoon
Fuck that!

They want us to
Sip from their spoons
While we swoon
Fuck them!

Time stands still
No one notices, no one will
That which is right in their hands
Standing there frozen

Soon we will
Know we’re chosen, know we are
Chosen to stop those who stand
In darkness beholden

Is time real?
It has been written, written in
Texts meant to blind those who build
Their snow white world army

Succinct lust
For mindless armies, killing for
Control over all who can
Keep them from harming

They want us to
Sip from their spoon
While we swoon
Fuck that!

They want us to
Sip from their spoons
While we swoon
Fuck them!

Time stands still
We have noticed, noticed the
privilege in living this life
No longer frozen

Those who keep
Golden dollars, they will be
Stripped of their own sense of self
In darkness forgotten

People aren’t the enemy
We are all the remedy
For the past’s calamities

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